Diagnostic equipment
Ophthalmologic apparatus

An experiment to study blood microcirculation has been launched on the ISS

The LASMA PF analyzer was sent to the ISS to study microcirculation and metabolism in astronauts.


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Diagnostic equipment
Equipment for studying the parameters of the microcirculatory-tissue system: microcirculation of blood flow, lymph flow and oxidative metabolism by laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) and fluorescence spectroscopy (FS).

Laser analyzer of microcirculation of blood flow and lymph flow "LAZMA MC-1"

Laser diagnostic device "LASMA ST"

Wearable Laser analyzer of blood microcirculation "LAZMA PF"
Ophthalmologic apparatus
The apparatus "FORBIS" and "Speckle-M" for diagnostic and treatment of the binocular and refracting diseases



           Scientific interests and innovation activity of SPE “LAZMA” Ltd are intended for research and implementation of medical devices, based on fotonic technologies.

        Information about produced medical equipment, diagnostic and treatment methods, and novel products can be found on our Web site.

        Detailed description of noninvasive diagnostic technology of blood microcirculation condition using laser doppler flowmetry (LDF) and of oxidative metabolism state by fluorescent spectroscopy coenzymes of metabolism are presented. There are apparatus LAZMA ST and wearable analyzer LAZMA PF for diagnostic of blood microcirculation and of oxidative metabolism state.

New technologies diagnosing blood and lymph microcirculation condition are presented:

-          microdynamics monitoring (LDF method), analyzer LAZMA MC-1.

             In ophthalmological field of diagnostics and therapy “Speckle-M” apparatus, realizing pleoptocal treatment on three wavelengths blue, green and red spectrum areas, and “FORBIS” apparatus, providing diploptical (laserdiploptical) methods of vision correction are developed.

             Construction of new medical equipment is made with the participation of leading medical and biophysics scientific and research institutes.

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