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Laser diagnostic device "LAZMA ST".

The device allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of drug therapy with individual selection of pharmaceuticals.

The diagnostic area is the face, limbs, toe, experimental studies on animals.

Diagnostics of metabolism and microcirculation of blood flow and lymph flow in the tissue of the toe.

During one diagnostic procedure, the activity of oxidative enzymes is simultaneously monitored by fluorescence diagnostics and the state of microcirculation of blood flow and lymph flow by laser Doppler flowmetry.

The effectiveness of drug therapy is evaluated by comparison with the control values of diagnostic indicators.
The duration of one study is 15 minutes.
A diagnostic parameter has been developed due to the activity of microcirculation (the nutritive part of the blood flow) and the state of oxidative metabolism (fluorescence amplitudes of coenzymes) - an indicator of oxidative metabolism (POM).


A new diagnostic approach for assessing tissue changes, implemented in the laser diagnostic apparatus «LAZMA ST», consisting of the Analyzer «LAZMA-D» and the Block «LAZMA-TEST»

1. There are simultaneously records diagnostic parameters of blood microcirculation, lymph microcirculation and fluorescence amplitudes of coenzymes involved in oxidative metabolism – reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) and oxidized flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD) - Analyzer «LASMA-D».

2. The indicators are recorded in the initial state of the tissue (the temperature of the skin is also monitored), when cooled to 10 ° C (decreased microcirculation and metabolism activity) and when heated to 35 ° C (increased microcirculation and metabolism activity). Temperature control, heating and cooling – The block «LASMA-TEST».

3. At the level of microcirculatory blood flow and lymph flow, violations of the functioning of regulatory (neurogenic and myogenic) mechanisms of vascular tone are analyzed using software algorithms.

4. Conducting a temperature test: heating and cooling. The metabolic processes of the cellular structures of the body are energy-dependent. When cooling, the utilization of coenzymes and substrate decreases, when heated, utilization is activated. According to the results of the temperature test, a quantitative assessment is made of the utilized components of coenzymes and substrate. A temperature test involving heating (enhancing metabolism) and cooling (slowing down metabolism) is per formed to assess the adaptive capabilities and eliminate possible optical interference from tissue fluorophores in coenzyme fluorescence.

5. Normalization of oxidative metabolism is associated with the restoration of the activity of utilization of coenzymes and substrate. The concentration of coenzymes should be within the control values.

6. Instrumental control of the effectiveness of therapy using the «LASMA ST» device is an assessment of the normalization of vascular tone and oxidative metabolism in the tissue.

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