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Wearable Laser analyzer of blood microcirculation "LAZMA PF"

   The analyzer «LASMA PF» implements two diagnostic methods – laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) (estimate blood microcirculation) and fluorescence spectroscopy (estimate oxidative metabolism) with simultaneous registration of the temperature of the research area. The device works without optical fiber, and wireless transmission of information to a computer, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi protocols is also used. The analyzer can be widely used both in hospitals and polyclinics, and at home for self-diagnosis.

   With the help of portable analyzers, it is possible to organize a distributed system of analyzers for simultaneous monitoring of microcirculation in several areas (up to 6), for example, upper and lower extremities. Evaluate the systemic features of skin tissue. Software is supplied both for scientific research tasks and for the diagnosis of microcirculation and oxidative metabolism disorders during a medical examination, a protocol of conclusion for a doctor about the type of microcirculation disorders is formed.


   Registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor No. RZN 2018/7853 dated 26.11.2018

Laser portable analyzer «LAZMA PF» of blood microcirculation

The «LAZMA PF» analyzer provides wireless sending of information about the state of the microcirculatory and tissue system to a computer, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology.

1 modification – control of microhemodynamics, oxidative metabolism and skin temperature research areas,

2 modification – control of microhemodynamics and skin temperature of the research area.

Distributed system of wireless portable analyzers «LAZMA PF»

According to the data obtained on the upper and lower extremities, the general state of peripheral microcirculation is determined; norm, arterial hyperemia, venular stagnation, stasis.

On the forehead, in the areas of the supraorbital arteries of the basins of the general blood supply with the carotid arteries, the asymmetry of blood circulation of the cerebral hemispheres is assessed (A. Anisimova and others «Laser Doppler flowmetry in assessing the state of microcirculation in patients with acute and chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency«, Regional blood circulation and microcirculation, 2014, Volume 13 No. 3 (51), pp. 31-37).

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